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New 250 MHz Cable Tester Announced By Datacom Technologies

EVERETT, Wash. December 1, 1997. --- Datacom Technologies has announced the new LANcat System 6 Cable Tester and Talk Set, the first network cable tester for testing and troubleshooting Category 5 (CAT 5), Enhanced Category 5 (CAT 5+) and the proposed Category 6 (CAT 6) network links.  Datacom's current LANcat Vx and LANcat V-TwoWay cable testers can also be easily upgraded to include the new CAT 6 test capabilities.  Datacom has also launched the UserGuardTM Support Program, a comprehensive set of no-cost customer services including the industry's first two-year instrument warranty.

"The LANcat System 6 is the first cable tester that will perform Category 5 link certification and also will quantify performance of the more advanced cabling systems up to 200 MHz - the proposed frequency range for Category 6 and Class E links," said Jim Bordyn, Datacom Marketing Vice President. "Companies are paying premiums for the installation of Enhanced Category 5 and gigabit-rated network cabling in anticipation of future higher data rate network applications. The LANcat System 6 provides a means to verify that the cabling will deliver the promised improved bandwidth and ACR performance."

The LANcat System 6 is the latest product offering from Datacom based upon their patented LANcat modular test system which uses plug-in modules to add new test functions and capabilities. This unique approach allows a convenient and economical migration path for meeting new test requirements without replacing the entire tester.

In addition to being fully compliant with TIA TSB-67 requirements for certifying CAT 5/Class D links, the LANcat System 6 performs several important new measurements including Power Sum Near End Crosstalk (PS-NEXT) and Power Sum Attenuation-to-Crosstalk Ratio (PS-ACR).

"It is now understood that the next significant cabling link standards, to be called Category 6 and ISO/IEC Class E, will be specified up to 200MHz. The LANcat System 6 measures PS-NEXT, attenuation, and PS-ACR out to 250MHz, which provides additional headroom analysis beyond these expected link performance ranges" said Bordyn. "There may be additional field testing parameters included in the final CAT 6 Class E standards, but these other requirements are still being debated by the standard-setting organizations. Datacom, however, is committed to providing its customers with a migration path to these new testing requirements."

The LANcat System 6 includes Datacom's exclusive LinkTalkTM built-in 2-way voice communication capability which permits operators at opposite ends of the link to talk without dependency on 2-way radios. With optional FIBERcatTM plug-in Performance Modules, the LANcat System 6 also performs as a precision optical power meter with result storage for measuring optical power and cable loss. The architecture of the LANcat System 6, with identical dual backlighted-display handsets which can act as either a main or remote unit, permits conversion into two independent fiberoptic power meters. Also included is the new Report Manager software which permits the uploading, viewing, and archiving of test reports with a PC using Windows 95 or Windows NT 4.0.

Current LANcat Vx and LANcat V-TwoWay CAT 5 cable testers can be upgraded with the purchase of the System 6 Upgrade Kit which includes a pair of plug-in C6 Performance Modules plus a pair of protective impact overcases.

"Datacom is the first manufacturer of network cable testers that will truly live up to the 'upgradeability promise'", said Bordyn. "Datacom's entire installed base of LANcat V Series users will be able to keep pace with Enhanced CAT 5 and CAT 6 testing requirements without purchasing all new test equipment. It also provides users the opportunity to purchase a CAT 5 cable tester today and know that there will an upgrade path to meet future needs. This demonstrates Datacom's commitment to serve our customers and support their equipment investment."

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